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Words and Whatnot

Hi there readers šŸ™‚ Throwing a bit of an update your way. Since I’ve decided to write more things than just War of the Sisters, I tweaked the header/name of this site. Now it’s called Words and Whatnot, because I’m super creative with titles. The URL is staying the same because I haven’t changed my…

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Second Draft? Done.

War of the Sisters, book 1, draft 2 is now done. Starting words: 87,299 Ending Words: 82,489 I swear I had lost more than that, either that or I somehow gained more words overnight .-. I know thereĀ is some stuff I’m going to need to add just based on the feedback I’ve gotten already but,…

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Hello readers, followers, whatever you call yourselves. I should probably update or at least make a post. I took a week or so off from editing, (slacker!) I was getting too wrapped up in everything and needed a rest. I’m back on it this week. But I think I’m going to try and do editing/writing…

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