This is an Update.

Who stayed up past her bedtime but finished her third draft?

If you guessed anyone but me, then you are just silly. That’s the whole update. It needs another pass, but hopefully not as intense as the past three. Thanks for reading, have a good night!

Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 8

Woo. Finished early today to make up for the late finish yesterday!

Day 8 words: 1886

Total words: 27094

I don’t know if anyone likes charts like I do (hint: I love them.) But I saw this on /r/campnanowrimo and wanted to share the link. I think it’s pretty nifty because, well, like I said, I love charts.

I thought about writing extra since I finished early but I’m ahead so I’m just gonna go play Zelda for the rest of the day! Y’all have fun, and I hope you’re all doing well on your goals this month.

If you’re not, that’s okay too! You still have loads of time to catch up. If you don’t wanna do 50k, just do 1k a day. That’s a solid 30k. Or 500 a day. Just get to writing! (or editing, or whatnot.)

Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 – Day 5

Hey everyone!

Day 5 Words –  1234 (heh, neat)

Total Words –  21387

Things I noticed today: Lilith talks to herself. A lot. I think some of her chapters need more fleshing out so instead of Lilith walking us through her thoughts they are a little more apparent.




Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 Day 1

Why hello there readers. It’s April Fool’s but it’s also the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo!! My project for this year is another draft of Out of Darkness (WOTS1.) This’ll be the 3rd or 4th draft, I sort of lost count.

For any new readers who don’t know what Out of Darkness is, check out my about page! It’ll tell you.  You can also check out the prologue here!

My word count for the day is going to look a lot more impressive than what it is, I may have gotten excited and started early. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.

Day 1 Word Count: 14423 (Actual today: 1768)

Total Word Count: 14423

I can’t guarantee I’ll update every Camp day,  I’m notoriously bad at remembering. I’ll try and do every week or so, though!

On a non-writing related note, I got two new pairs of glasses today. I’m not sure about them yet. They feel really big, and I feel like I have to look directly at things or they are blurry (as opposed to being able to glance out of the side of my eye.)




Yeah, look at that fancy picture. I’m a bunny with antlers. Okay, maybe I’m not a bunny with antlers, but I can pretend.