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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2018

Hey readers! Well, it’s 5 days into April which is Camp NaNo month! And…I’ve done nothing towards my project yet. That isn’t to say I haven’t been writing! I just haven’t been writing what I had planned. I was supposed to be writing an idea I had a few months ago, but  Out of Light needs…

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Words and Whatnot

Hi there readers 🙂 Throwing a bit of an update your way. Since I’ve decided to write more things than just War of the Sisters, I tweaked the header/name of this site. Now it’s called Words and Whatnot, because I’m super creative with titles. The URL is staying the same because I haven’t changed my…

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A Couple Things I’ve Learned

During the writing of Out of Darkness and the currently (cleverly) named ‘Book 2’, I’ve learned a couple things. The first of these is: Never, ever claim you are close to done. (Seriously, don’t do it.) If you read back (you probably shouldn’t) there are several posts of me claiming to be almost done, nearly done,…

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