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New Cover for Out of Darkness

Okay, well that’s not quite right. It’s not new so much as tweaked a bit. And the paperback now has a proper spine and back cover! But “new cover” is easier to say than “Slightly different cover for Out of Darkness that now also includes a back cover and spine.” Paperback Link | eBook Link…

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I sure do like updates.

I hope you like updates too! Yesterday I purchased a ┬ácover for Out of Darkness! I think it’s really pretty and perfect and whatnot. Now I just have to finish with my editing so I can use it and publish! I’m over halfway through another read through, I printed out 2 copies (thanks, office depot)…

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Why hello there. I don’t have a new chapter to post, or an edited one. Just saying hi that I didn’t forget y’all or give up on the book. I’m still editing, though I haven’t really gotten back into a schedule yet, which I need to do. I had a really nice premade book cover…

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