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Hi there, not a story post, but there probably will be one in a few days. Just sharing the two pictures of Cyrene and Mischa. (Name changes incoming soon.) These are from a coloring book I bought, I didn’t draw them. It helped me with the descriptions of them, and so I’m sharing them.  Mischa’s name will probably be changed to Lilith at some point. I’m having a really, really tough time on Cyrene’s name.  If you have any suggestions drop me a comment!  (Note: none of them have wings, that’s just part of the picture.)

2 thoughts on “Two Pictures

  1. Hi. your theme does not seem to show up properly under the web browser Skvllfvcked Forever version 16 I suspect its a problem coming from WordPress or your WordPress theme


    1. Jaded says:

      Oh, I’ve never even heard of that browser. It’s possible the theme maker hadn’t heard of it either, that could be what’s causing the problem.


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